Chr. tel. +45 8611 5929
(mobil +45 2680 8699)
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DARK HORSE is playing lively country-musik, both old and new stuff. Songs from our own hands and some interpretations some other country-songwriters. We’ve got more than 5 hour’s of music going from country-rock over classics and sweet ballads to bluegrass. And there’s always a couple of new under preparation.
DARK HORSE uses several different solo-instruments, that, together with the very wide repertoire, gives the band lot of variety sound-wise. A lot of 3 or 4 part harmonies adds to that.
DARK HORSE is playing with a contagious entusiasm, an are well known for creating a good atmosphere.
DARK HORSE can be booked for gigs outside of Denmark as well. Contact: or Chr. Gleesborg phone +45 8611 5929 (mobil +45 2680 8699)

Besides the quartet each member of the band is playing i various different bands and duo’s and can be booked as such also.
BO STEFFENSEN solo, (singer-songwriter, folk og country)
Mail: Ph.+45 2925 5490

CHR. GLEESBORG solo, (singer-songwriter, amrk/irish/scottich-folk'n'country)
Mail:, Ph. +45 8611 5929, mob. 2680 8699
C'n'B (Chr. and Bo, singer-songwriter, amrk/irish/scottich-folk'n'country + pop-music)
C'n'B trio (with Orla – mostly country and og private parties)
HIT-IT (Chr. and Jan, new pop- and other Hits in new arrangements)

CHR. is also playing in:
Draught Baileys - (irish/scottich folk) - duo with Martin Seeberg)
Den Irske Duo/Trio/Quartet (irish/scottich folk + sometimes setdances
Davis & Gleesborg (amrk/Canadian/irish/scottich folk – duo with Christopher Davis Maack) SINE (amrk/irish singer-songwriter),
with Sine Lauritsen Zar
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ANDERS is also the bassplayer of another countryband Desert Track. See also